How Not to Get Sick in Summer

Summertime is a period of hot sunny days, frequent trips to nature, deserved vacations, and … oddly enough, colds. It is in this season we are so confident in our own health, that forget of the simplest safety measures – use air

conditioners lubberly, ignore weather forecasts or bathe in ice water.

Air conditioning and draft

The most common situation provoking summer cold is the following: it is such a heat outside that we switch on air conditioning almost at maximum power in an office or at home.

Before you switch on an air conditioner, make sure all windows and doors in the room are closed. Otherwise, you will catch a cold. Furthermore, the air temperature in a room should be just of 5 ° C different from the street.

Weather surprises

Coming out of the house in the morning wearing light clothing, by the evening we understand we’ve made a mistake – it is rather cold outside, the wind literally blows down, and the rain drizzles.

We are used to mistrust metrological forecasts, but we still should know whether it will be rainy today, whether we should take a jacket.

Summer wardrobe

Improperly chosen attire is a serious obstacle that prevents women from maintaining an excellent state of health during summer. And it is not only the change of weather, but also terms of urban life: if it is cool outside, and we are dressed properly, in public transport we will certainly start sweating, and then, going out into the street, we are vulnerable to cold.

The easiest way to protect ourselves from such troubles is to practice «the principle of multi-layer». This means that making a choice between sweater and jacket, prefer the latter, and put also a T-shirt under it: if necessary – on the subway or bus – the upper «layer» can be easily removed and put on again before going out into the street.

Ice cream and cold drinks

Streets are melting from the heat, we are thirsty and want something cold… It is natural that after this we lose voice, suffer from pains in the throat and treat flu for weeks.

If you want to drink, cold drinks will not help you, but only provoke inflammation of throat mucous due to hypothermia. Hot green tea is the best variant, but you can give preference to water or savory drinks of room temperature. With regard to ice cream, you can take it. Just eat in small pieces.

Check water temperature with your hand.

Agree, minding these little tricks is not so difficult, and what is most importantly – observe them. Because when it comes to your health, a little common sense does not hurt … and long live summer!

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